Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Paper Children

According to, "Paper Children are paper cut-out models of anime characters that are staged in such a way that they appear to be interacting with the surrounding real-life objects. One of the most common forms this takes is a real life hand holding a drawing up as if they were being lifted by their shirt."

My first introduction to this fascinating trend was when I first joined the art website DeviantART, through a fellow artist who had created some of her own. They were too cute to resist making a couple of my own, and to this day, I still owe the beginnings of my followers to my Paper Child Emo Boy.

Modeled after my own trials as a former Emothic (I still don't get the fascination with "yanking my chain"), his frustrated adorableness helped draw attention to my new emergence on DA, in turn gaining me a larger audience who encouraged me in opening up as an artist and person.

Shortly after came a sister, who I gave only the name "Anna" and the description that she was someone who liked high places, as a follow-up to what was a super fun project because of the level of planning involved. Not only did I have to plan out the real-life interaction with the art, but background, lighting, and photography as well. Looking back, it was a great experience and I definitely have more plans in the future for new Paper Child friends!

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