Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The #TellAStory Project | Forward

As a multi-talented creative person, my artist's eye is not limited to a single medium, but rather stretches into any and every possible mode of expression. Though some of these forms, I have not spent as much time honing my skills as others, they still have a close place in my heart, one of these being photography.

Personally, I'm not sure how any artist can't resist picking up a camera; my mind automatically begins creating stories behind each scene, each person, each color, and photography is yet another outlet, allowing me to capture these fantasies forever. Throughout the years, I have built up so many photos, most of which I've never took the time to put online because of the sheer magnitude of work it required. But recently, I rediscovered this trove of treasures and began to piece them together into one, bigger picture: 

the #tellastory project,

a tale woven with both words and photography, made of years and tears, made by different phases of the same moon.

Begin reading with... I. Home Sweet Home.

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