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Project Runway Season 10 | Challenge 3

EPISODE 3 | LEXUS (TEAM) CHALLENGE The dreaded team challenge! Designers were paired up and assigned a 2013 GS Lexus model, which drove them to meet their client: a previous contestant on Project Runway. Using the color of their Lexus, the teams had to design an outfit for their client to wear to the Emmys! All in all, their design had to show the aesthetic of both designers on the team, had to be something appropriate for the Emmys, had to be the color of their Lexus model, and had to be something the client liked.*

*For #CatwalkChallenge's version of PR, teams had to be negated, since it would be highly difficult for both designers to design something together over the internet. Instead, there would be two designers with the same client and Lexus color, but they would each do their own design using these two points.

(Client) Mila Hermanovski
(Her aesthetic) edgy, structured, color blocking, mix of men's wear.
(Lexus Color) Satin Cashmere Metallic
I felt that this might be a trap to make me do another jacket, so I decided to put a twist on it! To incorporate menswear, I began with a tuxedo approach, but put my twist by also mixing the look of S-bend corsets into it with the boning and detail of the waist. The "hem" of the "jacket" is just an illusion, since the dress is actually all one piece; from a distance, it will appear to be two pieces, but up close you will be able to tell that it is a single thing. The neckline helps to make it appear as if it is a jacket over a sheath, but it is just a false "second" piece.

Styling and accessories. Personally, I think that Mila looks gorgeous and dresses well for her age. Since I've only ever seen her with her hair down, I thought for this dress's accompanying styling, to have her hair up. It would simply be pulled back, and her eyes would be lined thinly with a sea-green and black eyeliner.
All accessories are from Project Runway's Lord & Taylor wall.
  • Michael Kors (Berkley Patent Leather T-Strap Sandals)
  • Robert Rose (Necklace Blue and Green Beads)

Placement: Fourth (Safe)
Points: 9
Judges Comments:
"I think this fits your client's design aesthetic wonderfully. While you didn't incorporate any other colors, the structuring and pattern blocking gives it an edgy yet sophisticated feel.  I especially like the false undershirt and bodice."
"Your client stated that she wanted something color blocked,  yet you did not do it.  Interesting."

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