Saturday, June 14, 2014

Project Runway Season 10 | Episode 4

The Michael Kors Challenge! For this round, the designers had to create a look for a busy woman on the go, able to transition from day to evening - errands, dinner, work, etc. The design also had to clearly show the designer's aesthetic, and they explained who the woman was that they were designing for.

The woman I designed this for writes science fiction novels by day, and is a justice crime fighter/detective by night. Thus, the outfit can function for her lazy days, for when she's writing, or for a meeting with her editor, AND it serves as a butt-kicking outfit for when she sneaks up behind criminals and whacks them with her baseball bat (or her bag full of notebooks and pens) in dark alleys. :3

:) This is definitely a designs that reflects me. I love clothes that can go from casual to dressy, depending on my ever-changing mood. Also, comfort is a big thing too - why bother with pretty clothes that irritate you?

Styling and accessories...

I went for a minimalistic approach with her makeup, since I prefer next to no make up, and also because my "client" here would be someone who just puts on a little mascara, eyeliner and goes. I also wanted her hair to look wavy and a little like she just got up, brushed it and went, to reflect the sort of indifference about her appearance because she knows she doesn't need much to look good.

All accessories are from Project Runway's Lord & Taylor wall.

  • Carrera (Matte Metal Aviator Sunglasses) [link] 
  • Michael Kors (Purse Grey) [link] 
  • Michael Kors (Tall Boot Black) [link]

Placement: Seventh (In)
Points: 5

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