Saturday, June 14, 2014

Project Runway Season 10 | Challenge 2

PR decided to whip out the unconventional challenge right at the beginning this season! The designers had to create a design out of candy from Dylan's Candy Bar.


The jacket. While perusing the chocolate, I came across these White Chocolate Triangles. They reminded me of those British punk shirts that are all flags and anarchy and the lot. It also made me think of a sort of quilted texture on a jacket, so that's exactly what I made with it. For the collar, I added two strips of the Strawberry-Banana flavored Sour Belts just to add a little color.

The dress. Since I love all things raspberry and aqua colored, that's what I first gravitated too. I was immediately hooked on the aqua color of the Raspberry Rock Candy. It reminded me of sequins (only much cooler), so I decided to make a rocking mini-dress out of it that looked like crushed ice.

All accessories are from Project Runway's Lord & Taylor wall.
  • Robert Rose: Bracelets-Bangles Gold, Black Gem (Bracelets)
  • Steve Madden: Studded Pumps (Shoes)

Placement: Second (Top Three)
Points: 14
Judges Comments:

"I can honestly say that this design was my top pick. The shape of the dress, the cut of the jacket, all of it is very well done and I could see it being easily executed. I think [other judge] and I would have to fight it out for the jacket. Overall - Very well done and nicely paired with your accessory choices."
"Love the use of chocolate , very out of the box, love the colors, accessories go great."
"Very lovely design, and such a classy outfit. Again, my only worry would be the use of chocolate but glad you are willing to take risks. I think the pattern on the chocolate works especially well. I want a jacket like this."

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