Saturday, June 14, 2014

Project Runway Season 10 | Challenge 1

EPISODE 1 | TIMES SQUARE For the first round, the designers were told to create a look that represented who they were as a designer. Upon arrival on the show, they also had to create a companion piece to go along with the first.


Left (Look 1) | The jacket embodies of the military-esque sort of female soldier look that I like, but at the same time it isn't too harsh for a dress. I love clothes that make me feel powerful and badass, yet that can still be sweet and pretty at the same time. The dress adds the whimsy and fantasy that I like to my clothes.
Right (Look 2) | This outfit also has the military elements with the buttons on the shorts, but this outfit shows a different take on the sweet things I like to do. It exemplifies the young and fun aspect of my designs. As for the color, I chose a darker purple because it's a color I don't usually use, and I like to do different things and challenge myself!

All accessories are from Project Runway's Lord & Taylor wall.
  • Catherine Stine Necklaces Large Pink Gems (Look 1 Necklace) 
  • Joan and David Praxy Suede Boots (Look 1 Boots)
  • RJ Graziano Necklaces (1) Silver Multi-Chain (Look 2 Necklace)
  • Jessica Simpson Waleo Platform Pumps (Look 2 Shoes)


Placement: Third (Top Three)
Points: 9
Judges Comments:
"These designs are very well done, and I love the military inspiration!"
"First off, the accessories are really well chosen for both of these looks. The mix of feminine softness with the structured military really gives them personality and I can see you as a person in the designs. Both looks are also highly wearable and marketable. I will admit to wanting that tan jacket."

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