Sunday, May 26, 2013

Among the Living

Once upon the time, there was a maiden named Bryn who began a blog with the intention of actually writing something, perhaps profound and enlightening. However, one fateful day, in a fit of self-pity and of feeling neglected, she entertained the thought that perhaps no one cared to hear her thoughts, and her castle blog fell into disrepair and a shroud of vines grew around it.

It was only several years later that a prince known as Apathy rode up on a sort of grayish steed, and came to wake up the sleeping princess blogger. When he tried to wake her with a kiss, she slapped him across the face, called him a pervert, and vowed to update her blog at least every couple weeks years months. And if there were any frogs or fairy godmothers, she slapped them too.

And that, my children, is the story of how Bryn came to be among the living once more.

To be continued...maybe.

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