Monday, January 7, 2013

Literary Ninjas | Yearly Writing Prompt: 2013

Every year, I will post a new super-long writing prompt of which you have a year to complete. Some will be simple and some won't. Some will have limits and some won't. Good luck!

*Yearly Writing Prompts discontinued until further notice.

  • PROMPT | Over the spanse of one week, take a pen and a single blank sheet of printer paper with you wherever you go. During each day, take note of anything that has taken your interest--significant or insignificant--such as single lines of conversation, colors, objects, random words and phrases, etc. By the end of the week, you should have a filled one side of the paper. Transfer all these things into a clean copy, where you can clearly read everything in rows. Now, through the course of the year, write a cohesive story using all these things (check them off one-by-one to ensure you've used them all). Note--if you want to make things really interesting for yourself, ask family and friends to write random things on the back of  the sheet, and then use those as well.
  • TIME | must be done by the end of 2013.
  • LENGTH | no word limit.
Look familiar? You may recognize these prompts from the late blog, Literary Ninjas, and DeviantART literature group, Writing-For-Fun. With my choice to close both, I still wanted to make the prompts available to those interested, and thus they will be posted here on Sleepy Hollow Street.

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