Friday, June 13, 2014

Project Runway Competition FAQ and Directory

What is the Project Runway competition?

As art is its focus, the website is host to many groups that focus on a certain medium or field to gather those who share that interest in one place. #CatwalkChallenge is one of these, centering around fashion, its sole purpose to provide challenges to both inspire and help improve artists. One of the biggest challenges this group hosts is the one that follows the hit TV show Project Runway, where designers compete to showcase their work in New York's Fall Fashion Week. 

As the designers on the show are given their challenges, online designers in the #CatwalkChallenge group also do their best to create designs for the same challenges, of which some aspects are modified for online participation, although they do not actually make these designs, for practicality (rather, they must submit fully illustrated designs with descriptions). Designers are given a deadline (via a clock that counts down on the group's front page) in which they must upload and submit their designs into the group. Late entries are eliminated. At the end of each round, the submissions are voted on, much like in the show, first by the judges, and second by other members who are following the competition, but not participating. The designs are scored, and given points and judges comments. Just like on the show, designers can gain immunity and/or be eliminated through rounds, competing for the spot as top designer.

The top designer(s) could be awarded prizes such as DA Points (can be used for DA Store purchases, commissions from other artists, etc.) and multiple Features to promote their profile and artwork.

What is Project Runway 2014 and why are there no updates?

Where #CatwalkChallenge's "Season Ten Series" followed Project Runway's tenth season, in order as it appeared on TV, the "2014" series pulled episodes, in random order, from multiple seasons of the show to run as one, long competition during the year 2014. While I loved participating in these competitions, there was a very real stress involved. Many contestants, such as myself, had to work around school and/or work, and the competitions were a long-term commitment (as they ran for many months). 

After the conclusion of the Season 10 Series (I was first runner-up), I feel that many of the more dedicated designers like myself where exhausted and wanted to take a break. However, shortly afterwards was the launch of the 2014 competition, and most of the veteran designers didn't return, causing a shortage of contestants. The result was that when PR2014 finally began, my competitors were mostly younger, less committed artists. Most dropped out immediately, and the rest stopped submitting without explanation, leading to their elimination. This eventually snowballed to a complete halt in the competition with the lack of entries, and it's ultimate cancellation.

Why is there no Challenge 5 entry for Project Runway 2014?

The fifth challenge was pulled from Project Runway's Season 5, Episode Six, in which the challenge was to design a garment for a drag queen. Because it is against my believes to promote this subject, I chose to pass on this challenge and let the administrator know. I was allowed to do so, with the understanding that I could still be subject to elimination; my past designs where strong enough that I was still able to pass onto the next challenge.

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