Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Character Profile | Evelyn Rose Marigold

Alcohol-based marker and pen on marker paper.
Name | Evelyn Rose Marigold
Nickname(s) | Eve, Rose
Gender | Female
Age | 17
Family| Mikhael, Sr. (father), Callie (mother), Mikhael, Jr. (brother), Elric (brother)
Appearance | China-white skin, jet-black hair, and emerald eyes.
Personality | Quiet; thoughtful; does not like pointless banter, and therefore doesn't say anything that she doesn't feel is essential.
Likes | Books; libraries; photography and modelling (occupation), as a form of expression.
Dislikes | Pretentiousness; social gatherings; her family's standards/pressures.

Read Eve's story in In Gold Blood--coming soon!
Art and story by Bryn Poliwczynski. All rights reserved. Any use/reproduction of these works is prohibited.

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