Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Character Profile | Mind Over Matter: Brynhilde


A twisted queen who is unsatisfied with her looks makes an impossible wish for perfection. The result is a collision of several different worlds, bringing together times, places, and people who should have never touched. A constant battle between each confused side is waged for the dominion of the new, distorted world...
Name | Brynhilde
Gender | Female
Origins | A twisted and vain queen from another world who makes a wish for perfection, bringing the planets crashing into each other. She sleeps upon her throne in the center of this new existence, ruling her pawns through a comatose state. The only way to unlock the worlds and return them to their place is to destroy her.

Art and story by Bryn Poliwczynski. All rights reserved. Any use/reproduction of these works is prohibited.

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