Friday, August 1, 2014

Project Runway 2014 | Challenge 2

SEASON TWO | EPISODE 2 | CLOTHES OFF OF YOUR BACK Designers must create a completely new look using the current outfit they are wearing, with an additional 2 yards of plain muslin as material.
Fortunately for me, we've been having an odd streak of chilly days recently, so the day the challenge was posted, I just so happened to be wearing a warmer shirt with more material (thank goodness, because all I've been wearing is tank tops and shorts lately). This is one of my favorite shirts, which I bought last year, solely for the drape of the fabric; I also intentionally bought this shirt in a larger size, so I've got plenty of fabric here.

I've utilized the natural hang of the fabric with the dress by doing a few gathers, and then letting it fall in all its glory. The bust is reinforced beneath by a layer of muslin, because I didn't want it to cling to the body, but I left the bottom as one layer so there was no bulk or interference with the movement.

I was set on the idea of a vest with that frayed denim "fringe", and I kept playing around with longer and shorter designs until I settled on a combination of both: the front is short and the back is long with tail-coat tails. The buttons from the jean fly and pockets are used on the vest, and the jean zipper is used on the hip of the dress.

The song "All That Jazz" was stuck in my head at the time, and I ended up using it in my inspiration for the overall look; the styling and makeup reflects the image I had in my mind--I was going for pinup girls and that sort of "fabulous glamour" feel.

Placement: Top Look
Points: 22

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