Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Project Runway 2014 | Challenge 1

SEASON ONE | EPISODE 5 | MODEL CLIENTS Hosted by the fashion-oriented group Catwalk Challenge on deviantART.com comes Project Runway 2014, in which challenges are pulled from the episodes of previous seasons. Starting off the competition is a rewind back to PR's very first season. During the show, designers were assigned models and asked to create their dream wedding dress on a $300 budget; for this online version, designers can either choose to be the client, or appoint someone close to them. With an "imaginary" budget of the same amount, they must create the make-believe bride's dress to her true desires. Detailed description of the inspiration, the model's "must-haves", and so on count into the scoring.

I've actually already designed my "dream" wedding dress before, many years ago, but I still chose myself as the client because I've grown and changed a lot since then and the things and dreams I have in life has as well; I was interested in sitting down and rediscovering what that image would be now...and it has completely changed (meaning, this is a completely new design, don't worry).

Where before, I would have made it solely about the elaborateness and beauty of the look, now my focus is comfort--both with myself and the clothing--and the importance of the clothing working with the individual, while having a more elegant beauty, as opposed to an embellished beauty. The top is an ode to that penchant for decoration, but I cut it back so it doesn't overpower the shape of the dress: just some beading and embroidery. The neckline is a shape that I find is most flattering on me and has little peacock flower clasps. The beading on the shoulders is for show rather than function since a) I hate sleeves, and b) the bodice will be sturdy enough to stay up without slipping, while simultaneously not being so tight as it's uncomfortable.

My inspiration was Alphonse Mucha's (my favorite artist) drawings and the art nouveau style, so the bottom of the dress is one piece gathered accentuate the curves of the body before letting the fabric's movement and shape fall into it's own place. The front split in the skirt removes the potential for the clumsy bride to trip, as does the concept of a barefoot bride, since she hates things touching her feet, but still adds to the look I was going for.

The image that came to mind while coming up with the concept was something of old paintings of nymphs and elves in the woods or meadows making flower crowns, so the color of the fabric is more of a pearl white or a faded parchment sort of color with gold accents, like the gold edging of old books. (An image might I add, really reflects me.) This also soothes my itch to not have a white dress because I find it boring to be like everyone else, yet still keeps with the idea of white, purity, and virtue, which I do like.

The styling and makeup only strengthen the naturalness of the piece. The crown of the veil is made of gingko leaves and the veil itself is sheer, hanging low from the back of the head. I feel that the bride wearing makeup is pretentious; you should come as yourself to the alter, not some facade you've created, so makeup would be preferably nonexistent. (However, since my best friend is an artist in said area, and I love her dearly, I may let her have creative freedom...just because it's her.) The hair would be free-falling in its natural wave-curls (the length depends on how impulsive I am with the scissors before this point in my life).

Placement: Top Look
Points: 17

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