Saturday, June 14, 2014

Project Runway Season 10 | Episode 8

For this episode, the contestants were once again divided up into teams (online modification -- designers worked separately, but were assigned one of the color palettes used by the teams on the show.) Only, instead of just creating final looks, they had to design accessories, t-shirts and tank tops to sell for their Mood money! (Since this would not work for the online version, designers had to incorporate a graphic t-shirt in their design.) Working together, each team had to create two, autumn outerwear looks!

  •  Color Palette: Hunter Green, Camel, Brown, Light Gray, Brown Leather

I chose to do an army-style jacket to go over the first look. I debated between a zipper and buttons, but I ended up choosing snaps. When closed, one flap on the collar of the jacket overlaps the other side. To me, this is the casual look, so I paired the tee and some pants with it. For the shirt, I used the different browns to create a sort of candy and chocolate look with my crown logo, to reflect the sweet and young aspect of my style. The pants are simple and grey.

For the second look, I wanted to do a sweater-dress (of course). Initially, I was afraid that the neck and collar seemed a bit too stiff and harsh, but the soft color helped get the effect I wanted. The pockets are flat and zippered, so that they won't add any extra bulk to the hips. I paired it with grey leggings, to link it to the pants on the first look.

I'm really happy how both of these came out! I feel like my aesthetic has shown through the best on this challenge. :)

Styling and accessories...

For the left-side design, I braided her hair back in a French braid and gave her a cat eye. Her accessories are Robert Rose Bracelet Silver Bracelet (it's supposed to show when she takes off the jacket) and Enzo Angolini Yareena Studded Ankle Boots.

For the right side design, I chose to draw a new model (since obviously the designers used two different girls). I wanted her to have short, glossy black hair that was cut with rougher edges. She also has a black cat-eye. Her accessories are Jessica Simpson Long Boots Brown Leather and Ralph Lauren Hand Bag Brown Leather.

All accessories are from Project Runway's Lord & Taylor wall.

Placement: Top Three, third

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