Saturday, June 14, 2014

Project Runway Season 10 | Episode 7

For this challenge the contestants were to design and create looks that would fit into the Project Runway 10th Anniversary commemorative collection that is going to be carried at Lord & Taylor stores. The winning look would become the 10th piece in the collection but it had to fit into the L&T aesthetic, the collection and a $200-300 sale point budget. Online restriction -- no black!

It was definitely a pain in a butt to do something simple. Ironically, a lot of my previous designs aren't overly-complex...maybe it was just because I was over-thinking "simple".  Anyway...since we weren't allowed to use black, and since the rest of the collection was mostly warm colors, I chose to go with gunmetal grey, to balance with the other grey dress and the blue one.

I tried to tie the dress in with the collection with the waistline, and with the neckline by expanding the round neckline further down for variance. Other than that, its simple, simple, simple. I added a bronze zipper for a bit of color.

Styling and accessories...

The hair is just some soft waves and the makeup is in natural tones.
All accessories are from Project Runway's Lord & Taylor wall.

Steve Madden: Belt Grey wood-like finish [link] to accent the color of the dress and Jessica Simpson: Waleo Platform Pumps [link] for a pop of blue.

Placement: Bottom Three

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Bryn Poliwczynski (c) 2012
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