Sunday, December 27, 2015

About Butterscotch Alley

Butterscotch Bryn

What is the Butterscotch Brand?

Beginning with an innate love for drawing clothing when I was young, designing has always been the biggest part of who I am as an artist. Though in my earlier years, I thought my goal was to be a “fashion designer”, as I grew and discovered who I was as a person and artist, I eventually realized that my desires did not align with following trends and fitting to a season’s style and so now I like to go by the title “clothing designer”.

As I transitioned through different phases in my life—depression, a lacking sense of self-worth, and the resulting loss of direction and purpose—I also tossed around what I thought would be the names and themes of my brand, but I wasn’t until after I graduated from high school in 2012 that my desires as a designer culminated into one with permanence: Butterscotch Alley.

I wanted my brand to be something that reflected all those aspects of myself—all those different obstacles that I had to overcome in order to become the person I truly wanted to be—as well as inspire others with a similar purpose in life.

What is a Butterscotch Babe?

One of the biggest reasons that I did not succeed nor feel satisfied with my past lines was that they reflected my lack of purpose; they were more of raw idea that didn’t work because it wasn’t being channeled properly. In reality, the key part of being a designer and having a clothing line is to have an ideal in mind: a person who is the epitome of your purpose, the very person who you design your clothes for and want to see wearing them. This is the kind of person that, if you saw just walking down the street wearing these clothes, you would go, “Yes. This is what I strive for.”

That raw, unchanneled idea that I used to have? People would tell me things like, “It’s cool, but I personally wouldn’t wear it.” And that’s because this was a period in my life where I pushed others away, and so I was designing for myself; therefore, that’s who it spoke to: me. But it was also a period where I was really uncertain about who I wanted to become in life, and stubbornly rejected order, thus, it didn’t really have a concrete direction or a discernable meaning.

However, as I grew, I got bumped and bruised; I made mistakes and, from them, learned the kind of person I actually wanted to be. This changed that ideal into what is now the Butterscotch Babe.

And so, the real question is not, “What is a Butterscotch Babe?”, but rather:

Who is a Butterscotch Babe?

Who is the ideal girl to wear the Butterscotch Brand? 

And a Butterscotch Babe is precisely as follows:

a girl who understands the balance between calm and crazy, yet can appreciate both extremes and everything in between,

a girl who sees the beauty where others might not, because once she could not see it in herself,
Butterscotch Bunny
a girl who is not an optimist, but a realist, because she’s also aware of the ugliness, and knows pretending it doesn’t exist will hurt more than help,

a girl who lives life with purpose, who strives to improve herself, not for the impressing of or the satisfaction of others, but for the bettering of herself as a person,

a girl who recognizes that actions speak louder than words, and who strives to inspire those around her to do the same,

and most of all, a Butterscotch Babe is:

a girl who understands that the most beautiful is natural beauty, because it comes without effort, it happens when you are not conscious of it, and it will outshine even the most perfect of features,

a girl who is comfortable in her own skin, not because she’s never doubted herself or been doubted by others, but because she’s arrived to this ease after experiencing the hard journey there,

and a girl who wears clothes and makeup not because she feels compelled or pressured to impress, but rather because she enjoys what is pleasing to the eye and what resonates with an artistic heart.

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