Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mikey in the World of Animal Crossing: A New Leaf

Mikey used Net on Mom! It's super effective!

The beginning of many pitfalls to come.
Mikey giggles gleefully as she waits for Mom to exit the store.

Captain Mikey has commandeered the S.S. Stump.

Mayor Mikey is way too tired to care for your festivities on the bridge.

Mikey and Mom in an axe fight to the death. Duel for honor.

Mom comes over solely to criticize Mikey's interior decorating.

Mikey is now an honorary Alien, just like Mom.

The Mean-Mad-Marvelous Mikey strikes again.

We be jammin'.

Mikey is also a master designer, remember?

Why does this always happen to Mikey?

Mikey ponders the meaning of shoes.

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