Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Camelot Dyeworks Review/Yarn Haul

For some, hearing me talk of Camelot Dyeworks may sound familiar (flashback to my first experience with natural fibers), and though, since that first skein, I've expanded my knowledge and use of different types of yarn, it still remains as #1 on my list. Thus, I figured I'd share my recent purchases with everyone here and review them at the same time!

For starters, some of you newcomers may be asking, what is Camelot Dyeworks? As the name implies, it is a "full service yarn and fiber shop" that also offers tools and classes as well! The retail establishment is located in Calumet, Michigan (that's in the gorgeous Upper Peninsula, folks), but they also have an online store as well, which is my go-to.

A closeup of my Dawn slouch beanie, made from one of their alpaca, merino, and silk blends.
I've not only had a wonderful experience each time ordering from Camelot Dyeworks, but have also had the honor of meeting the owner in person (she was very sweet and let me be weird and touch her knitting, lol). During the winter, with an onslaught of snow in the U.P., she was very considerate and made sure to communicate any potential weather delays. Also, she was kind enough to indulge me for a second time when I asked for some business cards with my order, to hand out at craft shows for curious inquiries about alpaca and other natural fiber yarns.

But, "Onto the yarn, already, Mikey!", right?

I actually purchased four skeins for this last order, but I'll only be featuring three today, because the final one is for a future project (no sneak peeks yet, sorry!).

First up is this breathtaking Midnight Express (Percival Sock Weight, $21 USD for 460 yards), which I've been eyeballing for quite some time, and finally gave in to! Made of 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon, this gorgeous trio of inky black, crystalline aqua, and soft cream has the perfect balance of stretch and soft. I was so in love that I couldn't wait and immediately put it to use in my newest project: a fringed, triangle bandana-scarf. I can definitely see this yarn being used for so many other possibilities as well!

Next up is the lovely Mountain Snow (Avalon Bulky Weight, $16 USD for 106 yds.). Made of 100% superwash merino wool, this pure blend of clouds suits its name perfectly. This purchase was one I'd been looking for after a co-worker commissioned me for a baby hat in grey, and gone to the store only to realize that there were no light greys in baby yarn--nor any sort in other yarns either--only medium to dark shades, and in textures not suitable for an infant. This yarn from Camelot Dyeworks, however, went above and beyond what I was looking for: not only is it uber soft and the perfect weight, the colors are also the perfect touch of subtle slate and sky white to be made into something that can be treasured from birth, and on through many more generations to come.

Last (but never least), is the exotic Rainforest (Merlin Worsted Weight, $16 USD for 210 yds.). Also made of 100% superwash merino wool, this eye-catching mix of lime, spring green, and robin's-egg blues is another that I've had my heart set on for a while now (can't help it, guys--it's an addiction). Though I don't yet have a project in mind, again the possibilities are endless, and I can't wait to see how this soft treat crochets up (follow for updates)!

The end of the skein. If those pictures weren't enough to convince you to run to do so already, make sure to check out Camelot Dyeworks at http://www.camelotdyeworks.com/!

Happy yarning,
Your Resident Mikey

Supporting local businesses like these not only helps small suppliers of awesome homemade and handmade crafting and other products but also helps our economy! Know of a place in your area that you'd like to recommend? Comment below!

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