Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tag Response | Cat Phantom Academy

My policy is to ignore the existence of tags unless they interest me. In which case, we get this:

Legend has it that the ancient spirit of a panther roams the halls of Cat Phantom Academy, giving birth to the school's namesake, but none who live can claim to have seen it...that is, until a young and slightly strange girl named Bryn transfers in halfway through the year, who claims to be able to speak to the ghosts of her feline ancestors. When she warns of dark things in the corridors, seen by her spectral companion, no one believes her, but blame is quickly pointed her way after a mysterious string of murders occurs, each leaving behind massive cat prints and claw marks. Thus, with the school's guardian by her side, Bryn must prove her innocence and bring peace back to...*dun-dun-dun*...Cat Phantom Academy!

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