Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Project Runway 2014 | Challenge 6

SEASON SIX | EPISODE 6 | LIGHTS, CAMERA, SEW! Designers were assigned a movie genre to be inspired by, and had to create a look and a character that would fit into that world. This challenge, the models were not limited to female, nor to adults. Description counts.


(Assigned Genre: Noir)

My main inspirations for my design were the use of light, shape, and shadow in the noir films. Instead of just going for black and white as expected, I used black, light blue, and the different shades of black sheer fabric to mimic the stereotypical "shadows from the blinds" effect you see. The neckline and silhouette were drawn from the genre's time, and the gloves mimic sheer stockings.

The character I was going for with her is a woman who is a sort of Jekyll and Hyde: an heiress who intentionally removes herself from social circles, and who doubles as an infamous jewel thief.

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