Monday, September 1, 2014

Project Runway 2014 | Challenge 4

SEASON FOUR | EPISODE 6 | EYE CANDY Designers must create a look using the candy and other products available in the Hershey's Store.

Since I also did a candy challenge for Season 10, I wanted to try to veer away from what I did last time as so not to fall back on the previous design; I feel like everyone opts for a dress, and it seems a bit of a cop-out, so this time I went for a really casual, overall shorts and cropped "hoodie" because I wanted to intentionally clash the stereotypical "sweet" connotation of the candy with really relaxed and rebellious attitude. I also feel that last time, I didn't really take advantage of the wide variety of candy and candy-related products, so I tried to incorporate the wrappers and other things as well.

I was stoked to find that my absolute favorite chocolate was in the Hershey Store, and so I used the Cadbury Roast Almond/Milk Chocolate Bar pieces on a muslin base to create the overall (where the thighs meet, the chocolate is shaved thinly, to prevent it rubbing together). The cuffs and the rosette "buttons" were created using the foil wrappers from the Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate with Caramel, and the Kisses design was made with one of the magnets from the Contemporary KISSES Chocolates Magnet Set.

The cropped, hooded jacket was made using the unfolded wrappers of the Hershey's Symphony Milk Chocolate Bar Almond Toffee, which I chose for the design to create a pinstripe effect as well as the blue script, which I used as decorative scrawl.

Placement: Top Look
Points: 21

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