Saturday, September 20, 2014

Preemie Cupcake Hats | Preemie Mittens

Available in Preemie and Newborn Sizes | Photo compliments of Julielyn Photography

In the past few months, I had the honor of consecutively going to the wedding and baby shower of someone who I respect and owe a lot to, which resulted in the beautiful picture above. Inspired by a hat I wore that was an ice cream sundae, together at work we came up with the idea for this tiny little crocheted cupcake with a cherry on top.

Later, when we found out she was having a girl, I pulled out the soft pink and cream yarns and presented this sweet little treat at the shower--needless to say, she loved it so much that it was worn during pictures by the incredible Julie of Julielyn Photography!

In later weeks after her birth, I went to visit little Serene and her mother, tape measure in hand. Since she was born four weeks early, her little hands were much too tiny for even the smallest mittens, and with the onset of fall, I volunteered my crochet hooks and yarn to keep her warm!

Keep an eye out for more baby crochet--I'll be making more of these mittens available in my shop in custom sizing to fit even the tiniest of hands as well as more sweet baby hats!

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