Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project Runway 2014 | Challenge 3

SEASON THREE | EPISODE 2 | FIT FOR A QUEEN Designers must create a pageant-ready evening gown for the client of their choosing from among the 2013 Miss Universe contestants, keeping within a budget of $300. Description must contain details of material pricing and reasons for choosing model.
For my model/client, I chose Singapore's Shi Lim: of all the contestants, she was the only one that wasn't a carbon copy of that skewed "ideal" sense of "beauty" that media and society like to push. Rather, she was more relatable: pretty, but not overly made up or special, narrow hips and a small chest, yet she carried it with a confidence and maturity that I feel sets a better example of beauty than the porn-star-like image the rest gave off.

Since I find that most pageant dresses end up garish in their attempt to draw attention, I tried to keep the classy, mature impression that Shi Lim gives off by putting less emphasis on detailing and more on shape. I chose a deep blue for the fabric and deepened the feeling of royalty with the draping and neckline. To keep the dress from becoming dowdy and matronly, I went for a hi-low hem that sweeps out behind like a mermaid tail. To add color and the pageant kick tastefully, underneath are textured, gold tights that cover the shoes for a seamless quality, as well as a hint at the throat.

Since I'm not familiar with the names of fabrics--I go by sight and feel; I know what I want when I see it--these are approximations for my materials (meaning, they may not be this exact fabric, but something similar and similarly priced).

For styling and makeup, I did loose, elegant waves drawn back off the face, and swooping cat-eyes.

Placement: Runner Up
Points: 18

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