Saturday, June 14, 2014

Project Runway Season 10 | Finale

The remaining designers had to create seven more complete looks, while keeping in mind styling, cohesiveness with their previous three looks and showing off their aesthetic as a designer.

To repeat, my inspiration for my collection is nostalgia: memories and things I used to love, mainly books, and the influence of Japanese style and culture. The color palette consists of jewel tones (along with their shades and tints) and metallics.

To be honest, I'm kind of disappointed with myself on this one. I redid the colors over and over, but ended up rushing to finish and so there isn't a set color palette anymore (and I hate the second-to-last pairing).  I took a step back afterwards and discovered I didn't hate the whole thing as much as I thought I did: I love the designs I created and I love the stained glass textile, but I need to fix the un-cohesiveness of the colors. I feel that maybe having such a vast array of colors in the textile made me feel overly ambitious and I didn't reign in the fabrics I paired with it.
Eventually, I would like to redo this collection and fix the colors, but I'm still going to leave this version up to show how and why I got the points, comments, etc. and to show how I did in the competition.

Styling and accessories...
(Styling described in Semi-Final design descriptions.)
  • ROBERT ROSE Green/Blue Stone Pendant Necklace [link]
  • KATE SPADE Little Minka Leather Satchel Bag [link]
  • BOUTIQUE 9 Lidia Glitter Platform Pumps [link]
  • KATE SPADES mall Maryanne Gold Coast Bag [link]
  • COLE HAAN Azalea Suede Clutch [link]
  • ROBERT ROSE 7-Row Beaded Chain Necklace [link]
  • R.J GRAZIANO Bead Necklace [link]
  • E! LIVE FROM THE RED CARPET Rhinestone Embellished Sandals [link]
  • KATE SPADE Marlee Snakeskin Print Leather Shoulder Bag [link]
  • ROBERT ROSE Multi-Colored Chandelier Earrings [link]
  • VINCE CAMUTO Timmons Dazzle Leather Pumps [link]
  • VINCE CAMUTO Hair Calf Leather Clutch Bag [link]
  • Jessica Simpson Long Boots Brown Leather [link]
  • Robert Rose Bracelet Silver Bracelet [link]
  • KATE SPADE Paintbrush Clutch [link]
  • NINA Medina Glitter Sandals [link]

All accessories are from Project Runway's Lord & Taylor wall.

Placement: 1st Runner-Up (16 Points)


Kattahanna81: The designs are great, yes making your collection look more like one collection would have made it flow better. A few ways you could have done that is by taking the brown colored boots and jacket, make a few different belts or hair pieces or clutches of the same color. Second the mosaic that is a few shirts, a jacket, a dress, a skirt, you could have made it a belt, a hair piece, a necklace, a clutch etc. and those little touches I believe would have made your collection fit together better, believe me I have the same problem making a collection work together, with so many ideas, I don’t know what to do sometimes. I love the collection, don’t be so hard on your self, it is a great collection.

Kawaii-Kochou: I was very happy to see that the stained glass pattern made an appearance again! As you said yourself, keeping the colors in a bit closer to each other would be my own critique, but it doesn't hurt your collection much in my opinion. The styling is cohesive so I can tell they all fit together. I'm still in love with the third outfit and wish I had it to wear right now. Your showstopper gown is a work of art on it's own! At first I wasn't sure about the single sleeve idea, but after thinking about it without it, it's not as bold. Excellent work as always!

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