Saturday, June 14, 2014

Project Runway | Episode 12

This episode was the L'Oreal Paris line challenge for the season. The designers were brought out to Oheka Castle on Long Island and presented with L'Oreal Electric Fantasie collection: Enchanted Queen, which is "both powerful and bewitching in tones of black and berry", Seductive Temptress which is "one part charming and the the other part venomous with hues of gold and deep Bordeaux", Wise Mystic, "to mesmerize in violets and blues", and Artsy Muse, "to allure you with shades of pastels and corals." The challenge was to create an Avante Garde look based upon one of the above color palettes.

  • Makeup Palette: Seductive Temptress (can be seen here)

My goal was to make something that looked both high fashion and rock and roll at the same time (you know me), and I couldn't decide whether I could achieve this with a coat or a I went with both! The fabric is thick enough to be a coat, but not so thick that you couldn't wear it as a gown. The collar can be folded down for a slightly softer look, and the whole thing is reversible, so one could wear it green snakeskin-side out, if they so desired. Beneath the main piece is a lacy sheath with boning and corsetry up top. The coat is bronze, by the way (my scanner makes it seem brown).

Styling and accessories...

Her hair would be free and flowing with gentle hints of curl here and there, and the makeup would be the Kiss Lipstick, Blush, the two browns (dark and light) from the Gaze eyeshadow, and the snakeskin nail stickers on the index and middle fingers with the other nails painted with the Temptress' Power polish (all from the Enchanted Temptress palette).

  • SAM EDELMAN: Paisely Sequin Pumps [link]
  • ROBERT ROSE: Rose Three-Stranded Gold-Tone Beaded Necklace [link]
  • ROBERT ROSE: Goldtone Bangles [link]
All accessories are from Project Runway's Lord & Taylor wall.

Placement: Safe

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