Friday, May 22, 2015

Outfit of the Day | May 22

Typical Michigan weather spawns the common sight of shorts with sweaters and tank tops with jeans and boots. Today's weather has a slight spring chill, but sunny enough that you don't notice unless standing in shade. Add this into the wardrobe calculation, and we get deceptively light clothing with warmer accents (we're not talking about color here, folks).

Coming out on top. One of my favorite things about slouch hats are their versatility. This evergreen crochet hat ($10.00 USD, variation found in my shop Sleepy Hollow Street) can be worn to balance out an otherwise sharp outfit: the color is mature, but adds a casual touch without being too serious, and the weight is light enough that it doesn't get too warm up top when exposed to too much sun. | Tarnished accents. In Balance key and lock earrings (Sleepy Hollow Street, $3 USD) create an vintage statement with asymmetry, accented with my half of the Thick as Thieves BFF necklaces from Lux Accessories on Ebay ($8 USD).

A spring smock. This black shirt-dress from Dots (no longer available, store has been closed) gives off a mysterious and artistic aura with flowy, semi-sheer black (deceptively light!) and military details on the shoulders, sleeves, and pockets, keeping a graceful feel with feminine seaming. | Denim trickery. Though I'm not an advocate for the leggings-as-pants crowd, these denim leggings from Jeaneez ($19.95 USD) were a comfy gift from a family friend that are great for having the look of jeans under a smock or tunic, without the awkward bumps created by the waist details or extra bulk.

Made for walking. Last, but not least, are one of my favorites from my boot collection: these Victorian Lace Granny Boots in black from allcostumes on Ebay (from $42.88 USD).

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