Saturday, August 30, 2014

Trends To Go and Styles to Stay

Fashion, lately, has been taking yet another step backwards in style by trying to bring back to life trends better left dead and once again aiding in sexualizing young women and teens. A recent trip to the mall saw a humongous last-minute mob snatching up garb for the new school year, and not for the first time, I found myself looking at fabric on hangars and in stacks cut into some unflattering shape or dyed some garish color, overpriced and marketed to the herd's of sheep as "fashionable" and "beautiful".

It wasn't necessary to visit more than a few stores--if the copycatting that occurs from brand name to brand name wasn't enough a summary of the available clothes, the carbon-copy youngsters crowding every nook and cranny were--and by the time I extracted myself from the masses, I had my list of trends that needed to be nixed and styles to stay. And here they are...

Nix the neon lingerie, neon basics, and this flashback to the 80's crap.  

Seriously, guys: it's everywhere, it goes with nothing, and it burns the retinas. Stop it already.

American Eagle Plaid Jegging Shirt


Try some plaid button-downs. 

Looking for fall fashion? You can get these cute patterned shirts in any color and they're versatile: wear them buttoned, belted, or open with an accent beneath.




Box up the bulky lace shorts. 

I give points for effort and trying to combine cute and casual, but these are a horrific fail. No matter how you look at them, they are high-waisted, elastic-banded, baggy-crotched grandma shorts.
Deb Combat Boot with Floral Fold Over Cuff

Check out combat boots with patterned cuffs.

Also versatile, they can be worn normally for a touch of tough to an outfit, or can be folded down for the right balance of sugar and spice.



Stop with the short shorts and belly shirts.

If I see one more tween walk by with her butt and belly hanging out, I might scream. And again, this was already done in the 80's; have some originality guys.

 Wear a waffle-knit sweater.

Liven up sweater weather with waffle-knit texture and stripes.
Sears Bongo Junior's Waffle-Knit Striped Sweater


Honorable Mentions

Cut out the cutout dresses: an attempt to be creative about wearing less clothing, these dresses are definitely lacking something.

Follow the flowing fabrics in muted maroon, purple, and sea green.

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